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2 Million Bikers March to DC

September 11, 2013

2 Million Bikers to DC

I heard about this about a week before it was to take place and immediately decided I had to be part of this historic event and do my part.


The "Two Million Bikers March" in Washington, DC on 9/11 had the purpose of commemorating those fallen on that tragic date as well as the troops that were sent overseas to protect our liberties. I was also taking place the same day as the "Million March Against Fear" or as many call it, the Million Muslim March. Not only was this important, but it was important to me. With the help of a few people, I was on my way to DC to document and somehow be part of history. 


I have been to countless rallies and biker events but this one was different. There was patriotism in the air and everywhere you looked there were American flags. Being there was very moving and I couldn’t help but tear up more than once.


Bikers came from all over to line up at Fort Washington, MD Harley Davidson. Motorcycles were lined up 8 wide and for probably about a mile long. It took an hour to clear the parking lot and the street once we got going. The roads leading to the highway were blocked off by local Police cars and Fire Fighter trucks. The opposite lanes of traffic were all stopped and people stood outside their cars watching us go by. Others set up next to the road ahead of time waving flags, taking pictures and holding signs with support messages.  The locals stepped it up and the support was amazing.


We rolled into Washington, DC and it was about 95 deg and the streets were backed up and stormed with motorcycles. Many could not support the heat and started pulling over all around the Washington Mall in search of shade and hydration.


We rode around and got in every street and made our presence know. The other march taking place only had about 35 people and I honestly found the perfectly orchestrated choreography of police officers on motorcycles, bicycles, horses and on foot escorting them much more interesting to look at and photograph.


Attendance estimates vary depending on who you ask. Some say 1.2 million, others say 100,000. I calculate about 80,000 at the lineup location at departure time. A million, or 2 Million as the name states, is simply not realistic. They would not fit! However, this was put together in roughly 30 days and with out any major media attention. It spread like a wild fire on social media sites such as Facebook, though. Given the short preparation time and the marketing of it, I think it was a great success and I’m very glad I was able to represent the South Florida biker community. I personally received an overwhelming amount of support form my friends and girlfriend that kept fueling me as I was on my was there and on my way back.


I want to send a thank you to the following people for their generosity and support:
Deseree Doceti, Lauren Angelo, Wittie Cycles, Saeger's Soldiers & Miniatures, Law office of Alexander Hernandez, Humerto Ramirez. Their support and contributions made this happen for me. I never ask for anything from anybody but it came to this or it wasn't going to happen. A very special thank you goes to my lovely girlfriend Kelley Ramer for not only being there for me but encouraging me to live my dreams and be part of history. Thanks again for your help! 


Click on the images below to see the slide show of the complete day. Enjoy!



For more information, coverage and perhaps next year's march, check out the Facebook page

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