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I'm Downeyman. This is me, this is what I do. I ride, I photograph, I collect memories.

I'm here to have a good time and share with you some of my experiences from the road and behind the lens.


I consider myself a wildlife photographer; because I photograph bikers in their natural habitat. Not as artistic as I am opportunistic capturing every moment right as it happens.


Some of the states I've ridden through...

Join The Ride

The “Join the ride” event was a great success. Thank you to all who came by to support me, the people that bought a print and the people who helped me put this together:

The beautiful Holly Peno 

and Morgan La Rue

 for entertaining us with their sexy burlesque performances.

The Fabulous Fauxto Photo Boot 

and Jeremy for carrying cameras around so I didn’t have to.


Pictures of this fun night as well as the artwork that was being exhibited will be up soon.

Thanks again and whatever you do, remember to join the ride.


It was a visually stimulating pep talk to get out there and ride the distance.
A motivational optical input to put in the miles and tour on two wheels.
A vaccine from the ordinary and a steroid of extraordinary.

Presented by: rock.paper.gypsy

Join the ride!


Thursday Oct. 3, 2013
2509 NW 2 Ave. Miami.

3 doors down from Wood Tavern.

Some of the guys I met along the way

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