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Gypsy Run 7

September 13-15. 

Inspired by El Diable Run, the Notheast boys figured they do the same. Now 7 years stong, it should be a blast. I was planing a trip to DC for the 2 Million Bikers March and then someone mentioned that maybe I can stay for the Gypsy Run. I had no idea what that was but thaks to Google I knew everything there was to know: that I had to be there. I was going to be in the area anyways and it was only 2 days appart... the desitions had been made.


This was a real fun ride through some beautiful roads that were all new to me. Saw some guys from the Revenge Run and made a bunch of new friends too. Thanks to Walter from Kickstart Supply for putting this together and I also need to thank Mauro Manente for his hospitality. Mad props to you guys!


I strongly recommend this ride and I hope to ride up again next year and bring a bunch of Miami people with me.


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