Roscoe's Chili Challange

November, 2012 - Lakeland, FL

Roscoe's is by far my favorite biker event, except for Sturgis, that is. This was my 6th year attending this event and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. 

This event is pretty much a tradition of  The Crew Riding Group. We usually leave Miami around 5am so we can start setting up camp around noon and chill all afternoon. Friday involves riding around central Florida and do some sight seeing. Saturday is the big day here. The chili competition is judged and then it’s all you can eat chili for free. The free beer comes in handy at this point. Yes, you read right, FREE BEER while it lasts. There are the typical biker Olympics featuring slow races, mini-bike races, the dangling hotdog, burn outs and my all time favorite, the porta-potty drag pulls. Keep in mind that there is always something going on on the main stage, whether it’s a live band, bikini contest, wet t-shirt contest, tattoo contest, big beer belly contest and for the ladies, the big dick contest… go figure. This is an absolutely adults only event and the things I’ve seen here, I’ve ONLY seen here…

Needless to say, I will be riding up to Lakeland again this November and I strongly suggest you do too.

Some classic video moments from Roscoe's 2012

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